Sunday, June 9, 2013

You Never Know What You'll Find at the Fryeburg Flea Market

by Mike Corthell

   Millie and I were out and out about on this beautiful Sunday morning and as we often do, we find ourselves going to yard sales and flea markets. Today we stopped by the Fryeburg Fair Grounds for the weekly flea market. Always lots to look at - Miss Millie even found a nearly new pair of hi-tech snowshoes and got them for a song! (sort of, now I have to find a pair similarly price-ed).

Rick Harford 

   The best vendor we saw today, by far, was Rick Harford proud proprietor of.... BINDLESTIFF MUSIC
   As his web site advertises: Bindlestiff Music…….hobo music for all, an American tradition of home made musical instruments. 

   We asked and Rick played his famous bedpan creation. I'm just sorry that I didn't have my video camera with me today so you could hear how good these Maine crafted instruments sound.

   Absolutely unique and fun! Have a look:

Rick will custom build these great instruments - just ask!
(click photo to enlarge)


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