Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Poem of a Brain Injured Man

Lakeview Nights 
by Mike Corthell

The nights are long
the days are longer
will my mind get any stronger...

I can see my mind in my brain
but it doesn't work – not the same

Sounds I hear in the blackness
 a scream, a yell
sympathy’s lack-ness

Waking at 3:00
in a panic...
I can feel me

Slipping inside a maze of worms
my mind is a slithering fool

Wake again at 6:45
I'm not dead yet
still alive, for what?

I look at another day in my self-made hell

A day past I was walking and driving...
smoking weed and drinking

I killed my friend and killed the best of me

''I am not going to get better am I?'', I ask staff

Telling me no, how do they know?
...or telling me yes
Which way I went and now how to go?

I am human and I can
feel, I can love, I can see what this has done to me
what it did to my family and my me!

A living angel tells me that time is a universal medication
that heals all wounds -

I believe him...

(from an experience told to Mike Corthell, May 2011)

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