Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Happy Ending for One Lakeview Patient

by Mike Corthell, Editor and Publisher


I am very happy that Joelle (who I know and have worked with) was found and that she is safe but she suffered needlessly.

This is an OUTRAGE because this has happened to many other patients at Lakeview who were not supervised properly. At Lakeview they call these incidents - running away - 'elopements'. If there were proper staffing levels – at ALL times and staff were properly trained, this would NEVER had happen. But at Lakeview the bottom line seems to get in the way of proper patient care.

As fair warning to Tom Horan, Dave Armstrong, Tina, John and other staff who witness this neglect DAILY – myself and others will not let this go. The safety of the patients as well as the staff should be the primary concern of Lakeview management but it HAS NOT BEEN for a very long time. If things do not change, we will see more elopements. Does anyone in the Valley care about these patients? If you do speak up and tell local and state officials. If a reporter calls you talk and I will state again....

SEARCH YOUR SOUL: Have you witnessed another human being being neglected or abused? You are required either by state law or your own good conscience to report it to those who we charge with enforcing the law. READ what is posted at the page below and make up your mind. Do it for the people who can't help themselves and PLEASE do it for yourself and your family. In New Hampshire call: Call (603) 271-7014 or toll Free from within NH at (800) 949-0470 You can report anonymously if you need to. In other states contact Health and Human Services. 

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