Sunday, June 16, 2013

Expand Fryeburg's Tax Base

How to Dust Off and Polish The Jewel of Western Maine
by Mike Corthell

We Expand Fryeburg's Tax Base:

  1. Nurture and support local businesses to create new jobs, which will in turn increase tax revenues.
  2. Recruit new, larger employers to the community, focusing on those that have values in common with Fryeburg's vision – they will bring with them good paying jobs and new residents.
  3. Strategically market the town to new residents, targeting middle and high-income families, and young professionals.
  4. Instill in the community the philosophy that shopping and conducting business locally gives Fryeburg the resources it needs to maintain and improve its quality of life.

''For anyone to carry on a successful business they must have imagination. They must visualize success, and dream the whole thing in advance.'' 
- Mike Corthell

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