Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Stephen King! Professor Paddy-Whack is Looking for YOU!

   At the Bridgton Printery's open house on June 14th  to benefit Harvest Hills Animal Shelter I was pleasantly surprised when my old friend Rick Adam stopped by. He said, ''Hi, Mike! It's good to see you! Have you seen Stephen King today''? After talking with Rick for a little while I found out why he was looking for the famed horror master.
    King is often seen in and around Bridgton because he lived here at one time and now summers in nearby Lovell. On this particular day Stephen King was in town with a CBS production crew shooting a promo for the new CBS summer mini-series, Under the Dome, which, you guessed it, takes place in Bridgton, Maine. 
Rick wanted to show an illustration he had drawn for his new singing book, Soup Can Sam – based on his vaudeville act for children. Rick has included a drawing of King in his book. (as it turned out, another friend of mine did see Stephen King that day, across town at the Bridgton Hospital Thrift Shop and Rick did get the King illustration to Stephen via the owner of Bridgton Books.)
"His uncanny ability to both educate and delight, share and learn, and provoke both laughter and tears for all ages was evident throughout."
- Kennebunk Middle School, Kennebunk, Maine
   Rick Adam has been performing, teaching, and inspiring people of all ages for over 20 years. Rick has combined his extensive theatrical and musical experience to create original theatrical performances that both educate and entertain. He has toured widely, from elementary schools to colleges to maximum-security prisons, from Rhode Island to Russia. Featured on stage, television, radio and film, Rick Adam has shared venues with Garth Brooks, Phyllis Diller, Dick Cavett, and the rock band Phish. He was featured on a PBS special about one-man bands, which is now in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Institute. In 1998 & 2000 he performed for Bruce Springsteen at his home in New Jersey.
   Rick Adam (Professor Paddy-Whack) is truly one of Maine's greatest entertainment treasures and this year, as in many years past, will be performing at the Fryeburg Fair

- Mike Corthell, Fryeburg Free Press

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