Monday, July 1, 2013


Fryeburg Business Associaiton is pleased to bring “Tuesday Night Concerts in Bradley Park ” to the community once again.  This year the park event has expanded to include a business fair as well. As a way to help promote and build commerce in Fryeburg all businesses, crafters, and food vendors are invited -free of charge - to set up and be part of the fun in the park on Tuesday evenings. You can learn more about area businesses, shop the different venues, and sample great foods while enjoying a fun night of entertainment with friends and family. 

Each Tuesday evening will start with a community dinner at 5:00pm at one of the local churches or non-profits. All dinners are $8 for adults, $4 for children, and under five are free. Vendors are open for business by 5:30pm in the park and the concerts start at 6:30pm. Bring your blanket, family, and friends and come spend some time in Bradley Park in Fryeburg.

The first concert night on Tuesday, July 9th is known as “All About Kids” starting with the PuppeTree Theatre from Vermont. PuppeTree tells stories through the art of Marionettes and Rod Puppets. Come enjoy a highly visual, fun, and memorable evening designed to entertain as well as educate all ages. The PuppeTree Theatre is known as the best puppet show on earth. But that is not all the evening offers! Our very favorite children’s entertainer, Bob Rutherford will be with us with songs to dance and sing to. What better way to wrap up an evening of fun than with free cake and ice cream sponsored by the Rotary of Fryeburg. Pre-concert dinner will be held at the American Legion Hall on Bradley Street in Fryeburg starting at 5:00pm to benefit Harvest Hills Animal Shelter.

On Tuesday, July 16th the fabulous acoustic duo, Middle Ground will have you tapping your feet as they play a variety of genres with guitar, banjo, fiddle, and flair. Peter and Cindy will entertain all age groups with folk and bluegrass that will put a smile on your face. Pre-concert dinner will be held at the American Legion Hall on Bradley Street in Fryeburg starting at 5:00pm to benefit the North Fryeburg Community Chapel.

Week three, Tuesday July 23rd,  brings the ever popular Bennett & Perkins. From the White Mountains of NH comes this unique blend of harmonies and guitars. Kathy and Thom perform a startling array of originals with powerful lyrics and melodies. You will not want to miss an evening of exceptionally strong vocals and guitar playing. Pre-concert dinner will be held at the Fryeburg New Church on Oxford Street in Fryeburg starting at 5:00pm.

Rounding out the month on Tuesday July 30th get your groove on with Al Shafner & the Revtones. Dance and sing to the top 40 hits of the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s as the Revtones perform songs “you know by heart”. Put on your dancing shoes and come wrap up the concerts in the park with a lively fun group. Pre-concert dinner will be held at the Assembly of God Church (behind the Mobile Station) in Fryeburg starting at 5:00pm.

Many thanks to the Mulford Fund and advertising sponsors who helped bring these free concerts to the community. Thank you to the Bradley Park Committee and the many people who help make these concerts possible. Rain location will be at The Performing Arts Center at Fryeburg Adacemy thanks to their generous offering of a dry, safe, and awesome location. For more information please email

Donna Woodward

207 441-8170

A High-Tech Tattoo Can Replace Your Passwords

Motorola's senior vice president of advance research, Regina Dugan, shows off an electronic tattoo at the D11 conference in California. The tattoos, designed by Massachusetts-based firm MC10, are made from silicon and contain electronic circuits that bend and move with the wearer's body. The tattoos, called Biostamps, were designed for medical purposes to track a patient's health, but Motorola thinks the technology can be used for authentication purposes, as an alternative to traditional passwords.

The hi-tech tattoo that could replace ALL your passwords: Motorola reveals plans for ink and even pills to identify us. The Moto X is expected to launch later this year and will be 'more contextually aware than other phones'. The Biostamp electronic tattoo is made of silicon and contains an electrical circuit, antennae and sensors that bend and move with the wearer's body. Proteus Digital Health's 'vitamin authentication pill' is powered by acid in the wearer's stomach and creates an 18-bit signal picked up by mobile phone. Motorola is trialling the technologies as authentication alternatives to non-secure traditional passwords...

This image shows the various parts that make up the MC10 electronic tattoo called the Biostamp. It can be stuck to the body using a rubber stamp, and protected using spray-on bandages. The circuit can be worn for two weeks and Motorola believes this makes it perfect for authentication purposes.

The mobile devices could then be used to confirm the owner's identity and log them in to accounts automatically. 
This would prevent thieves and other people from being able to access a phone, or individual apps on the device, if it is stolen or lost. 
Another idea presented during the keynote talk at the Wall Street Journal conference with head of Motorola Dennis Woodside and senior vice president for advanced technology and products, Regina Dugan, was a swallowable pill. 
The Proteus Digital Health pill has already been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Adminstration and was given European regulatory approval in 2010.