Monday, June 10, 2013

Hear ye, Hear ye All FRYEBURG Voters! Get OUT and VOTE!!

by Mike Corthell

There are three issues in the upcoming Fryeburg town election on June 11th that I want to briefly address AND endorse.

1. The Vote concerning Fryeburg Law Enforcement.
Should the citizens of Fryeburg keep 'local control of their patrol' or contract it out to the county?
Vote YES to keep the Fryeburg Police Department. Why would we want to give up part of our town's sovereignty to the next level of government? – voluntarily?? Also, we should consider a police commission in Fryeburg to address concerns of proper supervision of the police department.

2. The Vote to consider the purchase of a new Municipal Building.
Vote YES to authorize the to purchase and renovate a building to house both the Town Office and Police Department. 

   We want or town government to operate efficiently and serve all of us in an efficient 
manner, not just 'limping along' without the proper tools to do the job. We deserve better. The cost: 13 cents (per $1000.00 of our property tax) per year. A new building was needed 'yesterday'. If we delay it will only cost more and more and more. However, I will say that there is more than one property to consider. Please do your home work and get involved.

3. The Vote on the Fryeburg Water District
Vote YES to to put the Fryeburg Water District on inactive status.

Spending around $1000.00 to keep 
the Water District on active status makes no sense to me when we can keep it as an inactive entity and if it is needed, quickly return it to active status. $1000.00 can be used elsewhere to benefit our community.

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