Saturday, March 16, 2013

The 'DAC' in Denmark Needs Volunteers!

Dam Jam Volunteers
Here ye, here ye!
The Denmark Arts Center is looking for any and all interested in volunteering for our annual water-front music festival “The Dam Jam”. Though not for many, many months (the awesome fest is gonna be on July 27) we are already trying to organize volunteers. Because, you know, they are definitely gonna be needed. Below is a tentative list of jobs you may be assigned to for any and all interested in helping out with this great event right in our own backyards!
If you are so interested in volunteering, please contact me for more information and any questions.
I can be reached at my personal email or my mobile (603) 515-6317 .
There will be a volunteer meeting in July for further planning and staff tee shirt hand out.
Positions needed:
Set Up and Break Down Crew: A strong set of men and women who are interested in helping set up the event. This will include setting up the stage, tents, ropes, lights, technical equipment etc. Odd jobs may be assigned.
Merchandise Table: A few select needed to run the Merchandise table. It would be spectacular if you were good with money and personable. Merch includes tee shirts, band cd’s and the famous Blueberry “Dam Jam” from Pleasant Mountain.
Tickets: We need men and women at the door of the event handing out tickets, counting patrons and of course carding those who wish to go under the beer garden tent.
Hospitality: Ever wanted to work backstage with famous bands? Now may be the chance for charismatic, personable people who take direction well.
Art Pavilion and Kids Tent: We’ve got a big kids tent full of artsy and fun things. Those who work well with kids, and like arts and crafts need apply. Warning, lots of paint and chalk will be staining your clothing.
Odd Jobs: Extra crew is always helpful, and we are sure there will be many odd jobs during the event. If you’re a good listener and have an affinity for getting-things-done-fast this may be the position for you.

Thank you so much, can't wait to hear from you all soon!
Harry Corthell
Program Assistant and Facilities Manager
Denmark Arts Center

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