Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bridgton Printery, ''Highest Quality - Fastest Service''

''We always choose to deliver amazing service to our customers. And we will always stand out because they won't get that amazing service anywhere else.” 

- Mike Corthell, Account Executive - Bridgton Printery

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Printed communications not only complement web advertising and social networking but provide many unique marketing advantages. Printing connects with the reader on an emotional level. It is not only seen, but felt, can be carried for later viewing and is very cost effective. When selecting a printing firm one should look beyond the basic triad of quality, price and performance. Communicators who employ multiple kinds of media can do their jobs more effectively by partnering with a printing firm that offers multiple solutions for those parts of their message best carried by print media.
Value... Am I getting my money's worth?
Ask yourself these questions

  • Is my printer responsive to my needs? Are my e-mails and calls returned promptly?
  • Does my printer often make suggestions that will improve the quality of my work or reduce the cost?
  • Can I count on my printer to meet scheduled deliveries?
  • Can I communicate directly and easily with my printer’s in-house staff?
  • Do they make it easy for me to transfer my files, review proofs on line and track my job’s progress?
  • Does my printer offer more than just ink on paper?

Bridgton Printery customers have found that consistent product quality, outstanding person to person service, fair and competitive pricing and a wide range of production and fulfillment options combines to make the Printery a high value partner. 


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