Saturday, March 23, 2013

Lot's of Info: Western Maine Active Communities Conference

Mike Corthell, Editor & Publisher

2013 Western Maine Active Communities Conference

SOUTH PARIS, Maine - March 22, 2013 -  A large group of people, interested in changing their communities for the better, gathered at Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School yesterday. About a dozen presenters informed the group on topics ranging from 'Way Finding' to Community Advocacy. 

Participants were thanked for attending this important conference. It was hoped that the attendees learned more about how they can be part of changing their respective communities and help them to become active communities. They were told that making these positive changes can yield great benefits not only to public health, but also to the nature of their cities and towns.

The Conference Planning Team is very appreciative of the following organizations and business sponsors for their support:

  • Poland Spring
  • Hannaford
  • Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School
  • Oxford County Active Community Environments Team
  • Community Transformation Grant Program
  • Healthy Oxford Hills, a Project of Stephens Memorial Hospital
  • Oxford County Wellness Collaborative
  • Bingham Foundation
  • Western Distric CTG Program

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