Monday, March 25, 2013

Reviews Mixed on Lakeview NeuroRehab

The lakeview neuro rehab in waterford…

The lakeview neuro rehab in waterford wisconsin neglicted and or abused my non verbal autistic son.. the day i pulled him from the facility i found him naked, alone, bruised all over and crying in an area where i had been refused access to see him for over 2 weeks! They smile and tell you everything is ok and he is doing well but then when i see him he is traumatized, bruised and beaten! this place may be ok for those who talk and are able to speak up for themselves, but if your loved one is unable to protect themselves, stay clear from this place! THIS PLACE IS NOT QUALIFIED TO TAKE CARE OF AUTISTIC CHILDREN AND THE SCHOOL (HILLSIDE) SCHOOL IS NOT capable of educating special needs kids.. if you care about your kid, stay clear of this place.

josiesnuffy, I am not making this up. i wish it did not happen.. and yes.. my kid was violent.. duh.. that is why he was there . to get seems that you do not understand that as seen your comments and have a chronic lack empathy.. .

IF lakeview could not handle my boy and the situation, the best course of action would have been calling a meeting and letting mom know that the situation was more than lakeview could handle and help the family find a new placement, but no.. they choose to lock my kid in a room, and deny me access to him. Anyone locked in a small stinky room with a mattress on the floor, all day, everyday would be upset. it is like being in solitary confinement in jail!!! it seems that you all did not think i would find out because my child was non verbal and had no way to communicate! -- that seems to be the attitude of some at lakeview! . I filed a case with wisconsin department of Department of Children and Families .. the case is under investigation and i have pictures and documentation of the abuse..

the real shame is many if not most of the staff at lakeview (aides) are super nice and try very hard. there is no support system for them, no real training, no teamwork, etc.. basically if they try to help they are 'on their own' and many times they end up getting hurt because there is not enough properly trained back up for them .. The supervisors and ppl in charge are responsible for this giant FAIL!

My son is now getting the proper care at a place called chileda in la cross wisconsin. He is NO LONGER violent and he is going to school everyday and is one of the most requested kids that staff want to work with as everyone likes being around him now because he is HAPPY !!

when i took my son out of lakeview it had been about 2 weeks since i was allowed to see him (he is 12) i went up on the unit during school hours and no one was up there but him and staff.. i was told to leave when i insisted on seeing my son and they tried to bar me from seeing him.. when i saw his condition and how he was forced to live i took him home with me that day.

ON all my visits I was nothing but kind to the other kids, as they all said hi to me and spoke to me in the lunch room where i saw them all nearly everyday (which is strange that i could go into the lunchroom where all the other children , other than my child, but i was not allowed to the spot where my boy was the only one present which was his room on the 'closed' unit. which i was not allowed. -- the state of wisconsin dept of children, etc informed me lakeview had no right to ban a parent or other custodian from seeing their child and checking on their well being .. regardless of their location.

All i am saying .. for the love of god.. if you have an autistic child.. lakeview is not the place for them..find another placement!!!

The facility conditions are great and…

The facility conditions are great and most of the staff is friendly. Transfer is smooth. HOWEVER, when this hospital says your loved one no longer meets their criteria you better have a back-up b/c Lakeview will almost literally throw them into the next facility that will take them REGARDLESS of where.... They will back you into a corner by threatening to bill you for private payment for their stay and give you no other choice but to do what they want.

I gave them 2 stars simply b/c they made admissions easy, the place is clean, newly remodeled and the staff communicates in English (which was refreshing considering most facilities in our area lack in their communication skills). Overall, after our experience here, I cannot recommend them at this time. 

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