Wednesday, April 24, 2013

SAY WHAT? Obama, Islam and Planned Parenthood

For the sake of “hope and change” Obama found it convenient to say he is Christian. Obama would have better represented himself in the eyes of America if he was honest about his faith because lying about one’s religion is major deception and is not the everyday policy lies of politicians. The only religion on earth that advises its followers to lie about being a Muslim in a majority non-Muslim country is Islam. That adds to the suspicion about Obama, his faith and why he favors Islam so much. Lying for the purpose of jihad in Islam is also not only allowed, but an obligation to be proud of and a means to blame the enemies of Islam for one’s lies. Shariah law states: “Lying is obligatory if the purpose is obligatory.” Incidentally, Obama never criticizes Shariah and has people in his administration that defend Shariah. All of that take us to the same direction; why is Obama acting so much in favor of Islam?

 - Nonie Darwish is the author of “Cruel and Unusual Punishment” and “The Devil We Don’t Know” and president of Former Muslims United.

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President Obama is the keynote speaker at Planned Parenthood AGAIN... He Loves them, even though a Planned Parenthood abortion doctor, Kermit Gosnell is set to be convicted of post-abortion, live birth murder.

President Obama is delaying his speech to Planned Parenthood by a day in order to attend a Thursday memorial service for the victims of last week's fertilizer plan explosion in Texas, officials said Wednesday. Initially scheduled for Thursday night, the president's remarks to Planned Parenthood have now been re-scheduled for Friday morning, April 26, 2013.

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