Saturday, April 20, 2013

FRYEBURG, Maine - Law Enforcement Options to Be Discussed May 2, 2013

    Saturday April 20, 2013

My fellow Fryeburg residents,

I'm writing an opinion piece for the Conway Daily Sun this week, ahead of the May 2nd public hearing on the the fate of law enforcement coverage for our town. I would like to hear as many of your opinions as possible. This proposed change could be good for us or very bad for the town. Please take the time to call or email me.

Below you will find the Oxford County Sheriff's Office and the Fryeburg Police Department law enforcement proposals.

As you look over these two competing proposals, the four issues I suggest that we all keep in mind are - Quality of Service, Relative Costs, Supervision and Self - Governance. 

I am looking forward to discussing this important matter with you.


Mike Corthell



The Selectmen will hold a Public Hearing Thursday, May 2nd at 6 pm at the Fryeburg Fire Station on Main Street to hear information and take questions and comments on the options between maintaining the Fryeburg Police Department and contracting with the Oxford County Sheriff Department to provide law enforcement coverage for the Town of Fryeburg. 

Representatives from the Fryeburg Police Department and the Sheriff’s Department will be at the hearing to answer any questions. Information about the proposals will be available at the town office or can be viewed on the town website at 

Oxford County Proposal

Oxford County Sheriff’s Office agrees to provide 4 Maine Criminal Justice Academy graduate deputies. The deputies will provide police protection to the Town of Fryeburg 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Police Protection and Additional Services Include:

  •  Patrolling the Town of Fryeburg.
  •  Responding to citizen’s calls for aid.
  •  Responding to complaints.
  •  Enforcing state statutes and local ordinances.
  •  Rendering assistance in emergencies.
  •  Exercising the statutory and common-law powers and duties of a Sheriff for the benefit of the Town.
  •  Patrolling the Saco River during the summer weekend months.
  •  Providing traffic control during Fryeburg Fair week.
  •  Providing a monthly written report of activities.
  •  Sending a representative to Board of Selectmen meetings as requested.
  •  Periodic meetings with the Town Manager, as requested.
  •  Reports of all complaints received against deputies; as well as the County’s response to those complaints.o Providing assistance to Town staff when needed; code enforcement, health officer, etc.
  •  Lowering and raising the flags as ordered by the Governor.
  •  Providing coverage at town school functions, parades and festivals at no additional cost.

Deputies assigned to Fryeburg:

  •  Deputies assigned to Fryeburg may leave the Town limits in order to respond to emergencies, but shall return to the Town as soon as possible.
  •  The County shall consult with the Town prior to the permanent assignment of any deputy to Fryeburg or any re-assignment of a deputy from Fryeburg.
  •  The County shall consider qualified Fryeburg Police Officers for the 4 deputy positions, after they have applied for the positions by completing the required applications and tests.
  •  Oxford County shall issue all equipment to be used by deputies in the official conduct of their duties.
  • The Town shall sell to Oxford County the 2 police cruisers the Town currently owns for consideration of $1.00.
  • If, at any time, the Town decides not to renew the contract, Oxford County shall sell to the Town 2 police. cruisers comparable to those previously sold for $1.00.
  • Vehicles shall be marked “Oxford County Sheriff’s Office”.
  • The preceding services shall be provided for 3 years, with a renewal option of 3 – 5 years.

Fryeburg Police Department

The Town of Fryeburg employs 1 Police Chief; 1 Lieutenant; 4 full-time Patrol Officers; and a staff of 10 active Reserve Officers.

The Chief, Lieutenant, and 3 full-time Patrol Officers are Maine Criminal Justice Academy Graduates.

Full-time officers can work full-time for 1 year, but must be enrolled at the Academy within that year.

One Patrol Officer will be schedule to attend the Academy in August.

Reserve officers can only work 1,040 hours per year and are not required to be an Academy graduate.The officers provide police protection to the Town of Fryeburg 24 manned hours a day, 7 days a week.

Police Protection and Additional Services Include:

  •  Patrolling the Town of Fryeburg.
  •  Responding to citizen’s calls for aid.
  •  Responding to criminal and civil complaints.
  •  Providing assistance to other agencies including fire, rescue, state, county, federal, and out of state, which may require leaving the Town limits due to mutual aid. 
  •  Enforcing state statutes and local ordinances.
  •  Rendering assistance in emergencies.
  •  Patrolling the Saco River during the summer weekend month.
  •  Providing traffic control during Fryeburg Fair week.
  •  Providing bicycle patrol in the village during festivals, part events, and during the school year.
  •  Open and close town parks.
  •  Assists elderly call programs, provides education to civic groups, provide bicycle helmet fittings.


Fryeburg’s Police fiscal year budget July 1, 2012 – June 30, 2013                   $506,213
County Sheriff / Fryeburg Police 

  •  Year 1, FY14 $469,060 / $538,436
  •  Year 2, FY15 $408,592 / $529,740
  •  Year 3, FY16 $408,592 / $541,898
The above costs are separate from Fryeburg’s portion of the annual county tax, currently assessed at $276,525.

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