Thursday, August 8, 2013

Wealth? What is it? Why do certain people have it? By Mike Corthell

   What is the first thing we think of when we hear ''They're WEALTHY! Probably we think that they have money and lots of it. But are they completely wealthy? The dictionary defines wealthy as: #1. ''having great wealth, rich affluent.'' But definition #2 says, ''Rich in character, ample...'' 
   By my definition being wealthy also includes having a loving family, lots and lots of friends to love and they love you back. Further, a wealthy life is also a full life. Certain people have great wealth simply because they think abundance all the time. They attract that wealth... 
   They think abundance in ALL things. And as you receive abundantly, give abundantly - in all things good; love, faith, charity and hope - a helping hand - everything good in your life. Give all good things to all people all the time and it will all come back to you, just like a circle. Over and over again.

True wealth is abundance in all that is good. True love is paying it forward forever...

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