Sunday, August 4, 2013

Human Machine, Divine Engineer by Mike Corthell

Good morning my friends.

Walt Whitman said, ''... your very flesh shall be a great poem.''

   Except for mature red blood cells all of the cells that make up our bodies contain DNA. DNA carries all of the information for your physical characteristics plus it has recently been determined - collective memory. 

   The spiral helix is an exquisite storage device and has been considered a model for future organic computer memory.

   Our future on this planet depends on the lessons of our past, mistakes we made but also our successes. Do you wonder were inventions come from, all those foundational ideas from Euclid to da Vinci to Einstein?

   Each of us is a whole universe, containing the knowledge of all there is - its content activated when needed or called upon.

   What does it all mean? God didn't put 'all his eggs in one basket' for one. Another? Your body is the most marvelous machine ever created...and we are all equal in this regard.

   Just something I woke up thinking about on a clear, bright morning in a very beautiful Fryeburg, Maine.

What do you think you can do with your machine today? 

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