Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sheriff’s out West gather with Richard Mack and sound the alarm on United Nations' Agenda 21

''Agenda 21 is designed to thwart prosperity and end the concept of national and individual sovereignty. It is that simple. And we as citizens and Americans will either stand and fight or we will be conquered one open space or TRAIL at a time.''

What is the common theme in their warnings…the Federal government taking, restricting access to, or restricting uses of state LAND. Two of these Sheriff’s from different states, claim that 65% of their land is CONTROLLED by the government.

A common strategy being used to accomplish Agenda 21 is refered to as “Re-Developing” land into green space, walking trails, sidewalks, bike paths, parks etc.
Section I: Chapter 7 of Agenda 21 entitled Promoting Sustainable Human Settlement Development, sub-chapter 7.52 C states:
“Encourage non-motorized modes of transport by providing safe cycleways and footways in urban and suburban centres in countries, as appropriate;”  
Rosa Korie, the Executive Director of Democrats Against Agenda 21, has been warning America for years now on this strategy for implementing Agenda 21. The following is from her bio and her story will be North Carolina’s story if the leaders of liberty groups refuse to take a stand and fight!
Rosa Koire is a forensic commercial real estate appraiser specializing in eminent domain valuation.  Her twenty-eight year career as an expert witness on land use has culminated in exposing the impacts of Sustainable Development on private property rights and individual liberty.  
Through her research she found that much of the funding to implement local UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development land use programs comes through the diversion of property taxes to redevelopment agencies. ”
That bears repeating; the diversion of property taxes, to Re-Development agenciesTranslation: slowly diverting your property taxes away from roads and building foot and bike paths!
And “Re-development”, in the name of sustainability, has already been written into NC Law.
Section 13.5 of the North Carolina Appropriations Bill of 2010, or SB897, states NCDENR will:
“(2) promote regional partnerships and to assist local governments and regional or interlocal organizations in North Carolina in seeking and managing funding from federal, public, or private initiatives, grant programs, or donors related to the planning, development, or redevelopment of the State’s communities in a sustainable manner.”
Here are a few other excerpts from the bill that became law in 2010:
“The General Assembly finds that the following principles describe sustainable development for North Carolina’s communities:
(1) Better transportation choices. – Offering safe, reliable, and economical motorized and non-motorized  [Didn't Agenda 21 use that exact word?! And would that not include trails?] transportation options to decrease household transportation costs, reduce dependence on foreign oil, improve air quality, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and promote public health.
(2) Equitable, affordable housing. – Encouraging the provision to North Carolina citizens of all ages, incomes, races, and ethnicities expanded location-, water-, and energy-efficient housing choices that increase mobility, decrease the impact on existing water and energy infrastructure, and lower the combined cost of housing and transportation.  [Translation... building public transportation, and moving people near it]
(4) Support of existing communities. – Targeting public funds toward existing communities that are using strategies such as transit-oriented, mixed-use development, and land recycling to increase community revitalization, enhance the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of public works investments, and protect rural landscapes. [ bike lanes, trails, and trains, or you get NO money for roads]
(1) To apply for and receive, on behalf of the State, funding from federal, public, or private initiatives, grant programs, or donors that will foster sustainable development in North Carolina. [Translation... giving Federal grants to county commissioner's who play ball.]
Let’s be honest. Can NCDOT really support a Comprehensive Transportation Plan in a county of 100,000 people, 12-13% of whom have remained un-employed since 2010? Will NCDOT really support miles of bike paths, foot trails, trains, and buses… AND continue to maintain our roads and bridges? As those out West and up North are finding out [after it is too late to do much about it] NO! Sustainable Development HAS A VERY HIGH COST!
Our taxes [and a Federal grant is by definition, state taxes being given back to us with strings attached]  will be slowly but continuously diverted to “Re-Development agencies”. In Ms. Korie’s Sonoma county California, County Officials  in June of 2011  adopted a plan that will only maintain 150 miles, of the 1384 miles of paved roads in the county because of a lack of funds to do so, yet in December of 2011 continue with a $200 BILLION  plan that will widen rail lines, put in bike paths, and increase the amount of buses. Many counties in rural America are simply converting paved roads into gravel!
In Ohio,
And Michigan
And Wisconsin
And Vermont
And Maine
And Minnesota
And Nebraska
Do you need to see more? What will it take for more of our elected officials, candidates for public office, civic leaders, and citizens to start connecting these dots on their own?
How many times will we let these “re-development” agencies such as theCatawba Lands Conservancy  and the Foundation For The Carolinas which are bringing us the Carolina Thread Trail, or the Foothills Conservancy of North Carolina [mentioned in the Cleveland County Land Use Plan that has already "permanently preserved" 43,000 acres] come into our towns and sell us a shiny, one-sided, version of Agenda 21 that is really chocolate covered cyanide?
How many land conservancy groups do we need in Cleveland County? The Shelby Tea Party seemingly welcomes them with open arms. Because it’s just a trail…right?
It is a trail today, a farm or two tomorrow, and eventually our backyard! In the map above the areas in Red are areas of no human contact by the way, and was almost ratified by the US Senate in 2006.
Agenda 21 is designed to thwart prosperity and end the concept of national and individual sovereignty! It is that simple. And we as citizens and Americans will either stand and fight or we will be conquered one open space or TRAIL at a time.

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