Wednesday, May 8, 2013

FRYEBURG - Four or Five Deputies: Selectmen aren't Sure if Vote is to Disband Police Department

If voters disband police department, selectmen will decide number of deputies

Selectmen would probably not decide which of the sheriff's proposals they would choose until after town meeting. Therefore, residents at the ballot booth would not know for sure if the board will want four deputies or five in the event the police are disbanded. This distinction was important to some residents at a recent public hearing on the issue.
"We will have until July 1 to make a decision if the town decides to go with Oxford County," said selectmen's chair Rick Eastman. "We'll have two weeks to pull something together."
Selectman Tom Klinepeter said in the event the police are disbanded on June 11, the board will get direction from residents at town meeting on June 13.
"I'm sure we'll have plenty of input that second night to make our decision on," said Klinepeter.
Selectman Paul Naughton said the petition only called for an up or down vote for disbanding the police and contracting with the sheriff's office. The petition doesn't specify what proposal to choose, he said.

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